Calgary Catholic
School Trustee Candidate

Pina Lamb

Ward 3, 5 & Airdrie

  • A mom for many and an advocate for all. 

  • Children are my priority.

  • Born and raised Calgarian - living in Ward 3. 

  • Attended Calgary Catholic school - as did my two daughters.  Happily married for 32 years.

  • Grew up in a large loving Italian family.  Parents instilled hard work ethic and the importance of kindness.

  • Bachelor of Education and taught in Calgary Catholic School District.

  • Currently Alberta Director for Dyslexia Canada.

  • Fully immersed in CSSD and the community.

  • Actively involved in the Catholic Education system for 34+ years.

  • Teacher, promoter, organizer, facilitator, director.

  • Strong in faith, cares about community, families and especially children.

  • Authentic, enthusiastic, compassionate, hardworking, honest and kind.

  • Problem solver, creative, full of ideas and positive thinking.

  • Great listener, sympathetic to others situations and concerns.

My Mission as Trustee

  • Advocate for quality education: academic, social and spiritual.

  • Champion for all students in CSSD - especially those with unique academic needs.

  • Support success for our First Nations, Metis and Inuit Students.

  • Identify areas of education deemed important and essential - address improvement and growth.

  • Continually meet and talk with schools, families, parishes and community to identify educational concerns and opportunities.

  • Remain rooted in the community through volunteering.

  • Driven by the power of kindness, compassion and empathy.

  • Work as a team with fellow Trustees, the school district and all stakeholders to make effective decisions, goals, policy and governance for CSSD and our students.

  • Fight for the inclusion and rights of all children.

  • Protect Catholic education and always look for opportunities for it to improve and grow.