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Families need to be heard - I want to bring the community to the table.

Calgary Catholic School Trustee Candidate

Wards 3, 5 and Airdrie

I am running for School Trustee, because I want to help…

  • Champion for equal rights of all students - especially those with learning differences and unique needs.

  • Advocate for the best quality education and wellness for students and teachers.

  • Protect Publicly funded Catholic Education in Alberta.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Oct 18th, 2021 - Calgary Municipal Elections



Hello, I'm Pina Lamb.

Calgary Catholic School Trustee Candidate 

Wards 3, 5 & Airdrie.

Working for you, listening to you and advocating for you.

Rooted in this community and entrenched in our education system. 

Actively working as part of the collective effort to enhance, promote and improve the daily lives of our children and their education.

The position of Trustee, is an important role where my efforts and service, will work to achieve my passion and devotion to our children's success in life.


My experiences can bring a new perspective as trustee. Fresh eyes, and a lifetime of commitment to children, education, faith and community.


Alberta Director

Dyslexia Canada


Grades 3-9

Calgary Catholic


Educational Consultant

Castle Rock Research Corp.


Special Projects

Owen Hart Foundation


School Liaison

The Educational Partnership Foundation


Fundraising Coordinator

Notre Dame High School Council


GrACE Committee

Notre Dame High School


Capital Campaign Committee

Ascension Parish


Vice Chair

St. Joseph Elementary - Junior High School



Coordinating Assistant

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


Fundraising Coordinator

St. Joseph Elementary - Junior High School



Fundraising Coordinator

Monsignor Neville Anderson School

Helping Hands

“ Every society, in one way or another, lays claim to a territory. Within that claimed territory, a culture arises from the mutual relationship with the land. It is through this mutual relationship with the land, that cultural icons, symbols and images, values, customs, ceremonies, stories, songs and beliefs of the people are developed. These, in turn, are embodied into the very being of the people."


Dr. Leroy Little Bear

JD, DAS (hon), LLD (hon), recipient Order of Canada, Kainai Nation, Blackfoot Confederacy


Pina Lamb is an amazing candidate for endless reasons! She is a tremendously hard worker who cares so deeply about children and families of any description and is incredibly inclusive and kind to all people. She is forever trying to make this world a better place by championing a host of worthwhile causes related to education and otherwise. I cannot think of a finer person!

Dr. Martha Hart

Founder and Director 

Owen Hart Foundation

Pina is an amazing person who gives with her whole heart.  She volunteers to help make this world a better place. She is a teacher to more than just students.  Her commitment to education and serving others is unparalleled and an inspiration to all who meet her.

Barb Simic
President and CEO of The Educational Partnership Foundation

I have had the pleasure of working with Pina on three different fundraisers over the past eight years for Ascension Catholic Parish and it was evident that she has so many amazing qualities that make her a worthy candidate. In all that she does, Pina works incredibly hard and exemplifies commitment, passion and kindness. She truly cares about making our community a better place, a more equitable place, for all. 

Holly Davidson

Volunteer, Special Event Fundraising

Ascension Catholic Parish